Immo Trade - Leather Goods in the Nordics For Decades

Roots in the 1950s in Finland

Immo Trade Ltd. was established in the 1950s when the founder Eino Immonen set up a Leather Goods Business E. Immonen. Import trade began in 1959 from Italy where Eino Immonen discovered Walt Disney plastic children's wallets. Walt Disney products are still in our range and now we also have the manufacturing license. In the 1960's Immo began to import from China, Hungary, and Romania.

Since then, the company has grown into a leading importer, with selection reflecting the client needs and market trends. Our product range varies from shopping trollies, leather gloves, to passport covers and small purses.


Knowing the customer taste in the Nordics makes Immo an expert in choosing the right products, for every season. In addition to our fixed collection of umbrellas and wallets, Immo has partnered with a Finnish fashion brand IvanaHelsinki, which brings colorful options as well. IvanaHelsinki articles are sophisticatedly chosen to cater the urban and trendy taste. IvanaHelsinki has a global partnership with Uniqlo in the United States and PLAZA in Japan. 


IMMO has been importing quality goods from China and other parts of Asia for decades. The relationships are well-established, and it includes annual to bi-annual visits to the manufacturers. We take responsibility of the partners that we work with, and ensure to provide the highest quality in product and processing time for retail.